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  • The Warrior family would like to send our condolences, thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of a PHS senior that recently passed away.

    The primary focus this week will be  placed on students, parents, faculty and staff during this tragedy. A Crisis Team and other professionals will be in place starting tomorrow, December 17, in the PHS Commons area. For the safety of students and faculty, all visitors should sign in with the office.  If a student attends school tomorrow and plans to leave after speaking with a counselor, a parent or guardian must send a note allowing students to leave campus.

    Exams scheduled for this week will be given during the originally scheduled time attached to this post. Final exams are optional for students not exempt at the high school only.  If a student chooses not to take the final exam, the current average will then become the final average for the course.

    Please keep the the student’s family as well as the Warrior family in your thoughts and prayers now and in the days ahead. This post is intended to relay information for PCSD for December 17-20, 2018. Out of consideration for the student’s family and the district, please direct any concerns or questions to


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  • Washington, D.C. Q&A


    1. How are you all going to keep track and make sure all kids are present/how are you going to keep children safe at the airport?

    While EF suggest a 10-1 student to teacher ratio, PJHS has adopted a 5-1 student to teacher ratio so that we can double-up on surveillance. Each teacher will be assigned 5 students and will be responsible for knowing the whereabouts of those 5 students at all times.


    1. Can students pick their roommates?

    Students will be able to request roommates they would like to room with, however, the PJHS chaperones and administration will have the final call on room assignments.


    1. What kind of fundraisers?

    We will be hosting a field day on the square, which will be somewhat of a festival (5k, catfish dinner, facepainting, bakesale, dunking booth, etc.) and a school winter formal.


    1. When is the last payment due?

    The day of departure.


    1. Once we enroll does that lock in obligation to pay full trip cost unless we sign up for travel insurance?

    We highly recommend the protection plan, however, please referrer to the below link for conditions surrounding refunds upon cancellation:


    1. If we sign up early, do we pay early?

    There is a $95 enrollment fee, but this goes towards the overall cost of your trip and then you will begin your payment plan. The earlier you enroll the better because this gives you more time to pay.


    1. How much out of pocket is it for each student?

    Unfortunately, we do not have an answer for this. Fundraising will offset the cost of the trip as well as the donate page where your friends and family are able to help support your student’s trip, but there is no way for us to know what the remaining balance might be.


    1. How much extra money do they need to bring?

    The only extra expenses your student will encounter are baggage fees, snacks, and spending money. If your student is not planning on shopping much, they will not need much. If your student is planning on bringing home a souvenir for every member of the family, they may need a bit more. $150 would be more than enough.


    1. What is the cost?

    $1,974 (an additional cost for protection plans if added)


    1. Will boys/girls be separated in hotel?

    Girls and boys definitely will not be staying in the same hotel rooms and will most likely be separated into separate areas or floors of the hotel as long as vacancy permits. However, security will ensure that they stay in their designated rooms no matter the placement.


    1. How much to enroll?



    1. Are parents allowed to go with their child? What if parents pay?

    The trip is only open to 7/8th grade students and PJHS faculty.


    1. Are the days going to be excused if they go into after spring break?



    1. What about cheer tryouts in March?

    I have spoken with Mrs. Cruse and she assured me cheer tryouts would not be during this time.


    1. Will this affect the tennis schedule?

    Whatever sports are scheduled during this week will continue on as scheduled. Students will not face consequences for missing games as this is considered a school function.


    1. What if more than 35 sign up?

    The more the merrier! It is only if we have less that we will be partnered with another group.


    1. Is a passport needed for this trip?



    1. Can a 6th grade student (a sibling of a student a PJHS) attend the trip?

    The trip is only open to current 7/8th grade students and PJHS faculty.


    1. Do we HAVE to fundraise?

    Absolutely not. At the first parent meeting following enrollment there will be an option to opt out of fundraising.


    1. How many chaperones will attend?

    One chaperone for every five students


    1. Do we have to take them to the airport in Memphis?

    We will most likely meet at the school and caravan to the airport. We will discuss this closer to time.


    1. Will an adult be in the room with kids at night?

    No. Adults will not be staying in the rooms with students. However, there will be security on the students’ floor from 10pm to 5am every night ensuring they do not leave the room.


    1. With fundraising will the money the student earns be for their trip or will it be separated for all going?

    The proceeds from the school dance will be split evenly. The proceeds from the field day will be given to those who help raise money, sell tickets, volunteer, etc. We also have a scholarship program that will be available that will be discussed at the first meeting following the closing of enrollment. Any donations received through your sharable link will go directly to your students personal account.


    1. If I sign up, I want my kid to get the partial high school credit. How can I ensure this happens?

    Log into the WeShare site and it will guide you through developing a prompt and project. This comes at no cost! The link is listed below:


    1. How many carry on bags can a child carry?

    Only one carry on bag and one personal item (purse, backpack, etc.) will be permitted. While you can check a bag, we advise that students pack light as they will be responsible for carrying whatever they bring.

    1. Will we be able to get in contact with our child?  

    Absolutely. Your student will be allowed to have their phone at all times. We actually encourage students to document their trip! There will only be times that they will not be allowed to talk on the phone (during tours, etc.) otherwise they are free to call anytime.

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  • Imagine the Possibilities Parent Information


    For information on the Imagine the Possibilities career expo, please access the link here: Handbook 

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