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Residency Information

RESIDENCY Information for 2024-2025:

A minimum of TWO proofs are required of ALL students.

Provide one document from each Group (1 and 2). If applicable, provide one proof from Group 3.


Group 1-Required Proof from this Group

Group 2 (Service address  must be listed)

⬜ Mortgage Statement-Current within 60 days

⬜ Gas Utility Bill

⬜ Property Tax Display Form

⬜ Electric Utility Bill

⬜ Filed Homestead Exemption Form 

⬜ Water Utility Bill

⬜ Filed Property or Warranty Deed

⬜ Other Utility Bill-Cable, Internet or Garbage

⬜ Current Apartment or Home Lease Agreement

Must be current within 60 days of registration, no delinquent notices

⬜ Driver’s License or Government Issued ID

No handwritten receipts will be accepted as proof for any group.


Group 3: ONLY For Residents with Utilities included in Rental/Lease Agreement: If utilities are included in the apartment/lease agreement, please use one of the following documents for the second proof of residency (dated within 60 days of registration.) Physical address must match address given for residency. 


⬜ Doctor, dentist or hospital bill (mailed)

⬜ Credit Card Statement

⬜ Insurance policy 

⬜ State or federal benefit check

⬜ Salary check stub

⬜ Government mailing (social security, medicaid, IRS, CHIPS, etc.)

⬜ Bank Statement

⬜ Other residency documentation approved by PCSD


  *Student is living with a legal guardian and a certified copy of the Court Decree, or petition if pending, was received declaring the district resident to be the legal guardian of the student and further declaring that the guardianship was formed for a purpose other than establishing residency of school district attendance purposes.