Dr. Avence Pittman Jr.
    I am excited to have the opportunity to serve you and your family again this year.  We are excited about a new beginning and everything we have planned for this school year. I look forward to a school year full of learning to read, reading to learn, and keeping to our high academic standards. 

    I strongly believe the support of the family is important for the academic success of every child.  There are so many ways you can become involved in our school and we invite you to become active in your child’s education. 

    We appreciate the concern you have shown across the years for Pontotoc Elementary School and look forward to our continued partnerships with community organizations.    

    I am always willing to sit down and talk to listen to your comments and concerns, so please let me know how I can help you.  You are welcome to contact me by phone at 662-489-4973 or email at apittman@pontotoc.k12.ms.us. I will ensure that you receive a timely response.


    Dr. Avence Pittman Jr., Principal