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Administrator of the Year

A middle school teacher in explaining this year's administrator of the year to a new teacher said, "He's like the daddy of the district.  He can usually get us what we need." Whether that need is a confidential listening ear, a second-hand file cabinet, tents for back-to-school luncheons, or someone whom we feel is always on the side of the students, the teacher is right; Howard Hill makes it a mission to get us what we need and to go above and beyond to serve those around him.  Having been a coach, science teacher, assistant principal, principal, and district-level director in six districts, his knowledge and influence has reached many students, teachers, and administrators across the state.  As Mr. Hill prepares to retire after spending 17 of his 28 years in education in the Pontotoc City School District, we want to celebrate all he has given this district and wish him beautiful days on the water and story-worthy fish on his lines.