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PHS student has poem published

Tyjey Arnold


Tyjey Arnold, a sophomore at Pontotoc High School, made the accomplishment of having one of his poems published.


“The Problem is…” is a poem about many issues currently facing society.


Arnold says that he became interested in poetry in the 5th grade, claiming that “he had a lost of musical inspiration.” 


On what inspires him to write, Arnold says, “It’s really the things that I see around in my daily life as I walk through the world as a teenager.  The things I write, I just write them because most things just don’t get said.  Most times it just comes from the heart, out to the paper and let it flow.”


Arnold continues to write poetry today.  His poem, “The Problem is…” is featured below.


The Problem Is…

By Tyjey Arnold


The problem is that we label each other by skin, looks, and by if we do what others do.

The problem is that we believe we are superior to each other, but is that true?

The problem is that mothers in bad situations have to worry about their sons dying at night. 

The problem is that people don’t put hard work in to make sure all people are treated right. 

The problem is that one has to be right and the other is wrong. 

The problem is that we want this to end, but we complain about how it’s too long. 

The problem is that noone wants to hear a loved one has died.

The problem is that no one wants to trust a government that lies. 

The problem is that no one wants to be part of a never-ending battle between sexes, religions, and politics that cause wars. 

The problem is that we want peace and much more, but we deny Him as if He didn’t die for us with a crown full of thorns.

The problem is that criminals act without thinking about is this wrong or right. 

The problem is that breaking families are like cutting flesh with a knife. 

So I ask the people under God almighty: 

Is this how we want our society? 


Write for Mississippi © 2017.  Used with permission. 



Jackson Cowsert