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Student Registration

Starting with the 2021-2022 school year, student registration may be completed online through ActiveParent. Only ONE ActiveParent will be allowed per family for online registration. Multiple students can be attached to one ActiveParent account. The account must be set up for the primary parent/guardian listed in SAM Spectra (student database.)

ONLINE Registration Timeline for the 2021-2022 school year: 


  • End of May-Report cards mailed with activation code and instructions for online registration.
  • June 8th-Online registration open for RETURNING STUDENTS                                                                            Returning students: parent/guardian must use the ActiveCode listed on the report card/parent letter. If you do not receive a report card in the mail, please contact your child’s school office. 
  • June 14th-Online registration open for students that weren’t enrolled during the 2020-2021 school year in any Pontotoc City School District schools. 
    • New students: Parents or guardians will need to go to the school office or Central Office to obtain an ActiveCode for each new student attending in 2021-2022. New student ActiveCodes will not be given out over the phone or email. 2 proofs of residency are required. 


  • Locate the ActiveCode for each child you will be registering (report card/parent letter/call school office)
  • Access ActiveParent here:
  • Click on the “Create ActiveParent Account” in blue located right about the AppStore button, enter ActiveCode.
    • Log into the ActiveParent account to continue the registration process or to add additional students to your ActiveParent account. 
    • You do not need to create an ActiveParent account for each child, but you will need to enter an ActiveCode for each student.

Online Registration Process

Upon logging into ActiveParent, the parent/guardian will see the action icons in the ActiveParent Header:


activeparent header

  1. Select Language Dropdown
    1. Parents have the ability to view the ActiveParent screens in languages other than English, if needed.
  2. Attach Student List
    1. Once students are attached for the first time, you will see student(s) on this drop down menu to view individual student information. 
  3. Online Registration Icon
    1. Click this icon to enter an ActiveCode to begin the registration process or to attach additional students for registration. 
  4. Settings Icon
    1. Click on this icon to change profile information such as password, email or phone number
  5. Logout Icon
    1. Click on this icon tologout of ActiveParent. 

Upon clicking the Online Registration Icon (3.) the parent/guardian will be taken to the screen below to select an attached student or  to enter an ActiveCode. 

activeparent window
  1.  Click the blue Have a code to enter? Click here to enter the code received from the school. 
  1. The screen below will appear for parent/guardian to enter the ActiveCode obtained from the school and click Redeem Code.
activeparent code
  1. Begin the registration process. Fill in the blanks and click Next Step to move to the next step. 

registration page

All required fields will be marked with a red asterisk *. The parent/guardian can save and come back later at any point by clicking the  Save Progress and Continue Later button. The parent/guardian can also cancel registration at any point by clicking the Cancel  Registration button. This will revert any changes that have made during this session and return them to the student selection page.  Parents/guardians can advance through the steps by clicking the Next Step and Previous Step buttons at the bottom right of the  page or by clicking any of the steps on the left side of the page. The user will advance through steps, filling in required information  and uploading required.  


Once the parent/guardian has completed all nine steps of registration (or verified that the already entered data is correct), the  parent/guardian must confirm the data, enter their full name, and click Save and Finish